Matīss Groskaufmanis & Sharon Haar Live-Live

The Live-Live studio focused on collective self-build “kit” models for affordable housing. Student-led offices explored how the design, development, and care for oneself and one’s home can be articulated as a collective and replicable project.

Rising prices of new housing suggest that an economic upturn might be on its way for Detroit. However, it is likely that a significant part of Detroit’s current population will be excluded from the benefits of the ongoing infusion of the work and workers of the knowledge economy. To address this, the studio explored alternatives to the traditional frameworks of residential real estate development, individual mortgages, and thus financialization of one’s life. If we empower communities to produce environments that inform their personal and collective lives, can we also think of the design of those homes beyond the proliferating invasion of work into the domestic sphere? Can we think of alternative forms of self-built or organized domestic space that would support a way of life that pertains to “live-live”, rather than “live-work”?

To envision a new, open source, and collective model of development, we need a fresh look at the systemic components that cumulatively make up a housing block. Can we consider a spatial formula for a housing development that could be replicated multiple times? Within these frameworks, the offices studied issues such as urban design, domesticity, communal living, economies of production, constructability, and others.

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Student Work

Jiasun Wei + Weiling Luo + Jacqueline Daniel – “One Size Fits Few”

“One Size Fits Few” consists of parallel strips of housing containing a spectrum of sharing; in recognizing that despite variations in living preferences, sharing is possible and beneficial in creating affordability and neighborhood.

We have defined three sharing types/unit types:

Tasty + Clean: A kitchen and bathroom are shared amongst four people.
Tasty: A kitchen is shared amongst two people.
Introverted Extrovert: These residents don’t share but reside within the neighbourhood of sharers.

Michael Ferguson, Linda Lee, Delaney McCraney, Reed Miller – “Mine, Ours, Everyone’s”

“Mine, Ours, Everyone’s” combines townhouses and highrises like those dispersed throughout Detroit’s Lafayette Park in a single dense, replicable site plan, affording residents the benefits of both private and collective living. In doing so, the project supports a wider range of lifestyles along with certain exceptional, luxurious uses that aren’t feasible in typical multi-family developments. The combined, “Live-Live” value of these domestic arrangements exceeds their separate offerings.

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