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Student Work

Anhong Li, Baekgi Min, Lucas Rigney – “In Praise of Shadows”

This project aims to evoke the traditional intimacy and sensitivity of Japanese culture within a contemporary dwelling concept . The new mixed-use architecture combines a neighborhood center with residences to introduce a new type of urban fabric, horizontally and vertically interweaving different relationships between public and private space. Twelve wells of shadow are generated under the logic of the structural grid and the scale of the dwelling. As spatial voids these wells establish various scales of intimacy and character among the mixing neighborhood.

Yanci Chen, Dongya Wang, Jiawei Yao – “Gradient Living”

In such a cyber age, The need for in-between space was replaced by virtual space. People’s life circle degenerated into a binary relation between home and urban. Neighborhood and community are almost gone. To bring back the vitality and establish a new connection between nowadays residents, we transferred the idea of spacial ambiguity in Japanese garden and villa into a gradient changing from private space to public space. The in-between space works as the in-front door space, terrace space, neighbor platform, community garden, and other grey scales which are hard to define. Semi-private or semi-public space all bring back the interaction between people in a natural way.

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