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Pre-fabrication in architecture can be a controversial topic. It is unclear why, barring certain exceptions, architecture has resisted the increased efficiency afforded by the use of climate controlled environments and economies of scale that other forms of material production enjoy in the 21st century.

This studio served as a site of collaboration with French firm VINCI Construction, exploring the potentials of pre-fabrication in multi-family housing. Students worked together to produce a bound research document outlining the histories and current trajectories of pre-fabrication in architecture. Following this work, students teamed up to design systems of architectural production in multi-family housing in Créteil, a suburb of Paris. This site served as a testing ground for their proposals, though each system was conceived as a strategy which could be deployed on any site of sufficient scale, adjusting the resulting overall form to address specific local conditions.

These proposals eschew the persona of architect as heroic singular author, and instead pursue the careful design of scalable systems to address the global lack of affordable, high quality housing

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Student Work

Shahryar Beyzavi, Lovejeet Gehlot, Austin Wiskur – More with Less

This project began by a deep dive into pre-fabrication, its history, and its future. Through collaboration with the French firm VINCI Construction, this project redesigned existing multi-family housing in Créteil, a suburb of Paris. Our proposal achieves “more with less” by aligning and vertically stacking the wet core of each unit but alternating the orientation of each unit. This optimization provides more open space and results in generous balconies. Each bathroom is preassembled as a product, produced at scale and installed on site. We also achieve more through the design of the broader pre-fabrication process which is achieved through phased staging and assembly nearby the site, lowering costs and creating a faster and more efficient rate of construction.

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