ARCH 562

Architectural Design VI (2G2/3G5) – Propositions

This studio will explored a number of issues at the forefront of contemporary architectural discourse surrounding the organization and form of the workplace in the 21st Century and its relationship to technology. The relationship between the office workspace and the advancement of building technology has a long history illustrating the tranformative effects of technological progress. The studio interest in this area will be focused on two fronts. The first, will focus on new collaborative technologies of information, speed and decentralization that continue the trasnformation of the workspace. And the second will look at new modes of intergrated systems and materials that have the potential to reshape the space of work in material form.

We will explore this in parallel with the ongoing transformation of the building sector, particulary architectural practice in the wake of a similar adoption of information technologies that have restructured the collective workflow between architects, engineers, fabricators and builders in relationship to both time and space.

Craig Borum – Workspace/ Workflow

Christina Hansen – Synergies

Claudia Wigger – SHOPHOUSE City

Mick Kennedy – Eat with your Eyes: The Architecture of Objects

Kathy Velikov – Fluid Boundaries

Roy Strickland – Governors Island

Clement Blanchet / Jono Bentley Sturt – New Generics

María Arquero de Alarcón Imag(e)ing the Urban Water Commons

Anya Sirota – CDMX: Emergent Cultural Infrastructure at the Margins of the Megalopolis


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