Laida Aguirre, Jacob Comerci, Daniel Jacobs, Peter Yi

This semester Situation studio will be challenged to [ situate ] architecture in contexts not defined only by locality or geography but also by social, cultural and economic conditions.

This studio is concerned with the intangible and the tangible alike, with vibe, economic value, humor and hype as much as material investigations, tectonic assemblages and physical events.

We will look closely at contemporary cultural production in order to frame individual proposals for a critical flagship store and warehouse for a speculative product of the student’s design. This store will be used as an avenue to critique and admit to the ways in which design participates in adding or discounting value and discuss how architecture participates in this exchange. This will serve as a platform to understand the ways in which design strategies, from the conceptual to the performative, are adopted by advertising firms and start-ups in the global experience economy, which in turn are recouped by artists, adopting rhetorical or economic strategies from globalized capitalism.

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Student Work

Alaina Gentles and Kei Wing Wong – “ HOLD UP”

Your garage-sale just got a whole lot better. “Hold up” is up-scaling your retail environment through a new way of selling, display, and entrepreneurship. It challenges the concept of the flagship store by supplementing garage sales as it’s program. The system of moving parts showcases the versatility of the our inventory. Its facade is controlled by a system of moving parts (garage doors) that roll on a full 180 degree track. The garage doors allow users to permeate through the space from one end to the other providing an open retail experience while in its closed orientation can also showcase an extensive interior display.

Laura Danrui

Benjamin Alexander and Eni Bogdani – “Depot center”

We are proposing a hardware store and community gathering space that gives hype to the objects that it sells, elevating them above solely functional objects. The modes of display that we have explored serve to defamiliarize these common and well-known objects. Doing this elevates the objects above their solely functional nature and removes a one-to-one association with their prescribed function. This produces a culture of hardware separate from the culture of big-box stores, focusing on their expanded uses, as well as an integration into the Pilsen community by offering much more than a traditional, sale-oriented hardware store.

Waylon Manning and Kristina Cantanero – “Enjoy plastics”

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